MN Backyard Birds


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Phenology- Tracking the seasons through the events of nature.

Each spring I record the first Robin and its location, weather and date and do this for many of our migratory species that I observe in Minnesota. A few other examples of Phenology for Minnesota would be the Great Horned Owl one of the earliest nesting birds (Feb./March) and one of the first migrants to the state is the Horned Lark (Jan./Feb.) Happy Birding!

My Phenology Calendar 2010: 03/03/10- Chipmunk

03/09/10- American Robin


03/11/10-Great-horned Owl calling at Northland Arboretum parking lot 8:30pm

03/12/10-Northern Flicker at Merrifield residenece while maintaining bird feeders

03/16/10-Common Grackle at my feeding station

03/21/10-Sandhill Cranes,Common Mergansers Mississippi River/Wabasha area

03/24/10-Sharp-shinned Hawk Nisswa hwy 371

03/28/10-Song Sparrow, installed two new woodduck boxes

03/29/10-Chipping Sparrow, Hartley Lake ice off lake

03/30/10-Bluebird,American kestrel,Northern Harrier,Killdeer Aitkin Co.first 70 degree day!

03/31/10-Woodducks on Hartley Lake, Fox Sparrow in yard

04/01/10-Eastern Phoebe, Crow with nesting material,Ring-neck Duck,Bufflehead

04/03/10-Red-breasted Mergansers Lake Calhoon mpls, Common Loon Lake Harriet mpls

04/03/10-Hooded Merganser Powers Lake Woodbury

04/05/10-Osprey on nesting platform near Fort Ripley along hwy 10/371

04/06/10-Ruby-crowned Kinglet south Minneapolis

04/06/10-Common Loon Hartley Lake nested here last year and raised two young!

04/06/10-Goldfinches molting into summer plumage, Juncos still feeding in yard

04/07/10-Yellow-bellied Sapsucker my yard

04/09/10-Brown-headed Cowbird

04/12/10-Ruby-crowned kinglet, Belted Kingfisher Brainerd

4/13/10-Earthworms after light rain, Tree Swallows

4/14/10-Yellow-rumped Warblers, Woodcocks aerial display the sky dance Northland Arb 8:30pm


5/10/10-Oriole (male), Rose-breasted Grosbeak (male)

5/11/10-Palm Warbler, Black & White Warbler

5/14/10-Harris Sparrow, Green Heron, House Wren

5/16/10-Chestnut-sided Warbler,Golden-winged Warbler,Ovenbird (seen),Nashville Warbler,

Indigo Bunting (female), Redstart

5/17/10-Ruby-throated Hummingbird

My Phenology Calendar 2011: 03/06/2011-Horned Larks (Aitkin County)

03/17/2011-Juncos arrived (Gull Lake home)

03/18/2011-Chipmunks in yard

03/19/2011-Robbins feeding on Crabapple trees in Brainerd

03/21/2011-Tanner first deer ticks

03/25/2011-Red-winged Blackbirds (male) Hartley Lake. Kestrel, Bluebirds, (Brainerd)

03/28/2011-Greatblue Heron Hartley Lake

3/30/2011-Turkey Vulture (3) Hwy 371 & Co Rd 11

3/31/2011-Sharp-shinned Hawk Hartley Lake

04/01/2011-Grackles Hartley Lake

04/03-2011-Yellow-rumped Warblers, Killdeer Hartley Lake

04-04-2011-Earthworm Hartley Lake

04/06/2011-Fox Sparrow, Phoebe, Goldfinch (molting), Sharp-shinned Hawk Returned Hartley Lake

04/06/2011-Hooded Merganser Lowell WMA Co Rd 11

04/07/2011-Great Egret, Wigeon, Gull River Dam

04/09/2011-Northern Shovelar, Northern Flicker, Bufflehead, Meadowlark, Song Sparrow, Blue-winged Teal, Woodduck, Belted Kingfisher, Common Merganser, Red Head, Northern Harrier and Golden-crowned Kinglet. Mississippi River (Brainerd) Aitkin Co Bird Guiding Trip.

04/10/2011-Crows with nesting material Timberwood Church Nisswa

04/12/2011-Red-breasted Mergansers Gull Lake

04/13/2011-Common Loons (5) Ringnecks, Tree Swallow, Veery, Horned or Eared Grebes Hartley Lake (opens)

04/16/2011-Red-winged Blackbird (female) Chipping Sparrow, Fox Sparrow (7) 2″ of snow Hartley Lake